Triptorelin can Increase Testosterone Levels

There is an interesting peptide on the market now and it is involved in stimulating what is called Gonadotropic Releasing Hormone receptors. What this does is it sends signals through the hypothalamus to product more Luteinizing hormone as well as more Follicle stimulating hormone. The former is involved in testosterone production and the latter increases sperm production. Bodybuilders most commonly use this peptide in very small doses to get their testicles back online after so much anabolic steroid use, which shuts down the testicles both for testosterone and sperm production. In fact, many different anabolic testosterone based steroids are being tested for male birth control as a result.

The magical peptide in question is called Triptorelin and it stimulates what are called GnRH receptors. This signals the hypothalamus to signal the testicles and adrenal glands to begin increasing testosterone and sperm. It cannot exactly be tested for, but you should still discontinue this a few days before competition just in case. This will ensure that you do not get caught with this powerful peptide in your system. You also don’t want to get caught with hugely jacked up testosterone levels. Be sure to work with a physician who is sensitive to your needs so you can properly use this peptide in the correct manner, as too much can shut you down permanently.


Be careful because this is a very powerful peptide capable of boosting your testosterone so high, you will shut down and have to have hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life. If you use too much of this peptide at once, it can actually chemically castrate you. There is no need to be concerned with that if you are working with a medically qualified guide who is willing to work with you on that level. It is not exactly as if they make themselves public. If you are honest with a doctor, you can be surprised at what they will do for you to ensure proper health and development.

Understand that this peptide is not commonly used to boost testosterone. There are other uses for it outside of human use and these are the applications the doctors and vets are trying the most. Generally, results have been very positive with tiny doses bringing both people and animals back up to normal testosterone production again after a cycle of anabolic steroids, commonly used among professional bodybuilders. This has never been a secret. The testing methods have gotten better and many pros are turning to the undetectable peptides rather than steroids at the end of their cycles.

Getting any illegal doping out of your system before competition is vital. Some of these anabolic peptides can be used up to days before competition, so you won’t be at a complete loss for final training. You will be able to step up on stage, do your routine, pass the doping tests, and potentially win the competition! It is all a matter of precise dosing with some professional guidance. Should you ever try it on your own, never go above 100mcg at one time.