Who is the Least Funny Comedian in Los Angeles?

When we watch comedy, we watch because we want to laugh the day (or the night) away. We need a comedian capable of making us laugh, however, and sometimes that is not the easier thing in the world to do. Some comedians are funnier than others, and some are just not funny at all. Some even get the title of being the worse comedian around, although the title isn’t one that many would be proud to claim.

Chris Phelps is his name, and title of worst comedian is a title he isn’t afraid to take. In fact, Phelps himself often says that he is the Least funny Comedian in Los Angeles. He tries so hard to be funny. He really does. He dances, and he does something that we think he is singing. He’s no Justin Timberlake, that’s for certain. He makes funny things, and sometimes he even stutters his words. But, don’t expect Phelps to be on stage with Kevin Hart any time soon. That would be too Hollywood for a man that is just doing his own thing and making people look his way in the process of the things that he does.

Of course, Phelps says this all in good fun. He doesn’t consider himself to be anything great, but he has caused a bit of laughter in the room on occasion. When you can make, people laugh, it is always a good day.  He thinks of himself as just an ordinary person like you and I. he doesn’t see himself as comedian material. But, again, that is something that the people can decide and be the judge of. There is a lot of material on his blog that you can watch to find out if he is really not funny, or if he is being too hard on himself. But, don’t stay gone long, because new material is frequently added, and new things are coming to the blog that you do not want to miss. If you stay gone long, you are going to miss out on all these great things that are coming.

Least funny Comedian in Los Angeles

Phelps isn’t doing comedy right now, at least in the way of stand-up. Do you think that he has what it takes to make it as a stand-up comedian? Can you really look at this man in these videos and keep a straight face? So many people are unable to do this. Phelps doesn’t understand because he is just being himself and not doing anything special.

They say that judging people is never something that you should do. So, why take our word about Phelps when you can find out for yourself? We can tell you all day that he is a bad comedian, but you cannot find out how bad he is until you see him in action. His blog is the best place to see his work. Is he really the worse comedian in the big city right now? Only you can be the judge.